Grace C. Visconti
Grace C. Visconti

The company Eagleheart Dynamic incorporates the processes of a few professions: graphic design, photography, writing, editing, and Shiatsu Therapy. Though Grace C. Visconti’s primary professions are very different disciplines, there is a common stream that flows through all of them: energy in its various forms of expression. I share the philosophy that creativity, the intellectual process, as well as our personal and collective ability to heal, have infinite possibilities when we allow ourselves to think imaginatively and divergently.

Information about Shiatsu Therapy and its theory, history, and application is available on a different website traditionalshiatsutherapy.com. If you’re interested in finding out more about Shiatsu and its benefits, download the Mobile Traditional Shiatsu Therapy flyer here. For more specific information about two particular conditions, stress and high blood pressure, feel free to download two booklets RELIEVING STRESS WITH SHIATSU and SHIATSU AND HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE. They are in the main Writing section under Shiatsu. The booklets give more information about Shiatsu through client testimonials where two specific conditions of stress and high blood pressure (HBP) are discussed in detail.

With respect to graphic design, writing, and editing, comprehensive services are provided while delivering creative solutions for the implementation of your vision on a freelance, contract, or part-time basis. Download Grace C. Visconti’s  CV for graphic design, writing, and editing.

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